Types of Trigeminal Neuralgia: Typical vs. Atypical

Trigeminal neuralgia (TN) is a rare and excruciating nerve disorder that can occur when a blood vessel compresses the trigeminal nerve, the largest nerve in the head, and causes debilitating pain in various parts of the face and jaw region. Trigeminal neuralgia is usually categorized as typical or atypical, with symptoms differing depending on the type.

Treating Trigeminal Neuralgia with Radiation Therapy

Though primarily used to treat benign and malignant tumors, stereotactic radiosurgery can also treat additional medical conditions, including a rare nerve disorder called trigeminal neuralgia (TN).



SBRT Offers Prostate Cancer Patients High Cancer Control and Low Toxicity in Fewer Treatments

According to research presented at the recent 58th Annual Meeting of the American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO), high dose stereotactic body radiotherapy (SBRT) for men newly-diagnosed with low- or intermediate-risk prostate cancer results in shorter treatment times, low severe toxicity, and excellent cancer control rates.

KTSF 电视采访耿博士讨论脊椎和椎管内肿瘤

观看旧金山肿瘤放射赛波刀中心医疗主任,亚历山大 耿,医学博士,讨论脊柱和脊髓肿瘤。耿博士讨论他是如何与患者用CyberKnife®机器人放射系统和射波刀治疗各种不同的脊椎和背部的良性和恶性肿瘤,达到不用开刀也可以治好病的效果。

New Decision Aids Support Shared Decision Making for Lung Cancer Screening

According to the American Cancer Society’s Cancer Facts & Figures 2016 report, over 12,000 people will die from lung cancer in California this year. One way to lower this number is by increasing the number of lung cancer screenings. For some adults, annual lung cancer screening could lead to an early diagnosis and life-saving treatment. The decision can be difficult, however, as lung cancer screening carries potential harms as well as benefits.

Study Says Lung Cancer Survival Increases Sharply If Caught Early

According to a recent study in England, increased screening to identify and monitor people at high risk for lung cancer could increase their chance for five-year survival by nearly three-quarters.

Managing Cancer as a Chronic Illness

June is National Cancer Survivor Month. It is a month dedicated to celebrating and recognizing those who have survived cancer, an inspiration for those recently diagnosed, a gathering of support for families, and an outreach to the community.

Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy Shows 98 Percent Prostate Cancer Cure

According to researchers at UT Southwestern Medical Center Harold C. Simmons Comprehensive Cancer Center, a five-year study shows that stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT) offers a higher cure rate for prostate cancer than more traditional approaches.

Brain Tumors

May is National Brain Tumor Awareness Month. According to the National Brain Tumor Society, who is committed to improving the lives of all those affected by brain tumors, more than 69,000 Americans will be diagnosed with a primary brain tumor this year.